Sunday, May 13, 2012

DAVID JARRETT's Seminal Art Collection

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

David Jarrett
David Jarrett’s collection of male figurative art, must be described as museum quality. The only other collection I would consider its equal, is located at the Leslie Lohman Museum. No wonder David Jarrett had been chairman of the advisory committee, which was dissolved in the spring of 2009, at the former Leslie Lohman Gay Art Foundation. He’s got the eye of a professional curator. He also writes articles on male-figurative art for the Leslie Lohman Museum's Archive quarterly journal and occasionally exhibits some of his photography in their premises.

Joe Radoccia's NAVIGATION
David's soon to be enlarged apartment/private gallery
in South Beach
He used to keep his world class collection in three separate premises; his condo in South Beach, his apartment in New York, and his recently sold house in Provincetown. Now he has decided to break the wall between his place in SoBe and the adjacent apt. he also owns, so that he can turn it into a private gallery to house his momentarily homeless Ptown collection. The whole project should be finished by late fall this year.
William Newhouse's RESURECTION II
Joe Radoccia's THE FALL

Matthew Stradling's SILKEN LIGHT

Li Ming Shun, untitled, model chris

Robert Bliss, Untitled
Painting by Daniel Malinsky, Campbell Paxton's EROS HERMES,
and stained glass by unknown California artist
Victor Gadino untitled drawing
Cornelius McCarthy's SUMMERHOUSE BOY
Gene Thornton's MOON OVER MATEO
Gene Thornton's
on the bottom
Li Ming Shun, untitled, model chen 
Andrew Potter's RESTING MUSE

I had the privilege of being invited to see and photograph his NY collection—a tiny one, when compared to the amount of art that will soon be housed in SoBe. There he told me he insists in framing the majority his art by The House of Heydenryk in New York, which is one of the two top master custom art framers in North America, whose clients include the White House and major museums. How demanding can an art collector be!?

NIGHT by Valentin Bakardjiev
For his latest acquisition—Valentin Bakardjiew's "Night"—David included me also in a group of friends to visit The House of Heydenryk, where David Mandel, its president, did a very comprehensive presentation in the ins and outs of custom framing. It was a wonderful learning experience.

House of Heydenrik's President David Mandel, showing off
the available collection of hand made frames

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