Sunday, September 1, 2013


reporter: Miguel Dominguez

The Third gallery I visited February 21st in Chelsea after Clampart and PACE (Click on the names to go to their article) was porter/contemporary Gallery, showcasing GRINDHOUSE, a most enjoyable exhibit of the art of Australian Johnny Romeo

MIGUEL DOMINGUEZ: AFTER MAGRITTE - Photo Recreations of Magritte's Paintings

ARTIST: Miguel Dominguez

Threatening Weather

The Large Family


reporter: Miguel Dominguez  text: Wikipedia

On June 16, in the new Chinatown of New York, located all the way to the Queens terminal of the "7" subway in Flushing, the luxurious tea house 718 Lounge had it's grand opening in the traditional Chinese way, with Lion Dancers announcing to the whole neighborhood the festive occasion, and then going through every corner of the establishment, blessing the premises.

Happy Birthday PATRICIA FIELD!

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

What is "Star Quality?"

As the paparazzo I was for many years, I can tell you Star Quality is the ability to be your unselfconscious self in front of the cameras and still photograph like a million bucks.

Birthday girl Patricia Field has it by the truckload, the reason why I decided to make this article about her birthday—wouldn't you know it, one of the biggest names in Fashion would have her birthday on February 10th, right smack in the middle of Fashion Week—mostly as a portrait album.

I am only sorry it had to happen during Fashion Week, what with me running around like a headless chicken all over the city and could only stay very briefly at the going ons taking place at TOY, a rather cool hangout inside the Gansevoort Hotel by the HiLine park.