Saturday, February 25, 2012

NICK & NICKY Screenplay Reading

Reporter: Miguel Dominguez

Actor/Playwright Patrick Askin with Charles Leslie,
founder of the Leslie Lohman Museum

On January 19th, at the Leslie Lohman Museum, a reading of the delightful play Nick & Nicky, a very amusing spoof on the sophisticated Hollywood comedies of the 30s, overwhelmingly populated with queer stereotypes and including a gay wedding finale, was presented with the goal of finding a producer and investors, with the possibility of making the script into a movie.

Cast: Aliya KamenshikovDerek FlicsDevon TalbottFrederick MeyerBarbara RosenblatBrian TweedyPatrick AskinTheis WeckesserAnna Lise JensenJulie BerndtMartin EwensAdrienne Opalka
Director: camera shy Richard Sabellico

Brian Tweedy, who read the part of Nicky,
with Patrick Askin as Nick

Actor/playwright Patrick Askin had the role of sleuth Nick with Brian Tweedy as his younger, filthy rich, husband-to-be Nicky. Both shine in the two major roles as the wittily sarcastic couple, helped by a hefty leg up from actress Barbara Rosenblat as the Diesel tough New York police detective, Margery Schwartz. The plot also included a large assortment of bitchy and poisonous queens (the best kind of camp, in my opinion), most of them excellently portrayed by actors Devon Talbott and Frederick Meyer, reading multiple roles. Julie Berndt as Nicky’s Mom delivered a very credible “lady who lunches.”

Cast congratulating Patrick

With the rest of the ensemble cast expertly adding to the frothiness required by the script, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

To see more images of this event, click here.

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