Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HOT MESS Drag Review at XL

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

In the very short time that XL Cabaret & Nightclub has been open, it has managed to become the premier spot in the city for queer oriented entertainment.

"Hot Mess" Maitresses of Ceremony Bianca Del Rio, whose witty tongue is as sharp as a razor blade dipped in acid, and Lady Bunny, of "Wigstock" and Ru Paul's "Drag U" fame, who is also a regular DJ at XL and one of the best reasons to go there on "Rockit Fridays" to party

Nothing I can say matches the excitement these photos show. For Drag performance lovers, "Hot Mess" simply can't be missed!

Epiphany Get paid letting her hair loose
Logan Slaughter making her moves so fast,
all over the stage, my lens couldn't keep up with her!
Milan reaping her rewards
Sugga Pie Koko showing the audience what she thinks of
their response to her antics (they kept waving $ bills at her)
Skyla Versai about to take off
Bianca Del Rio in her Chanteuse guise
Lady Bunny shows off in a very glittery fashion,
the asset that made her the queen of "Wigstock"

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