Sunday, June 15, 2014

SCENTSORIUM: Design your own Fragrance

reporter: Miguel Dominguez

For more than 5 years having been listed as the premier custom perfumery in New York City and around the country, on May 28th, after being located for three months in the Tribeca area, Sue Phillips, President and CEO of Scenterprises™, finally unveiled to the press her fragrance boutique/atelier Scentsorium, to create bespoke perfumes by appointment only.

New York’s newest perfumery, The Scentsorium, was filled with the International social set and media, who gathered at its trendy intimate location at 85 Franklin St. Much like a sommelier, Phillips guided guests on a fragrance olfactory journey, explaining the differences between fragrance categories and the sensory link between scent, memory, and emotion. She presented a range of 18 exquisite perfume blends for guests to customize their optimal signature fragrance which were decanted immediately into a designer purse perfume spray or elegant men’s cologne canister. Guests received a certificate of registration once they named their fragrance and formulas from the evening were stored in The Scentsorium database for ease of refilling. Guests had the opportunity to select various size perfume Bottles including a rare Austrian Cut Crystal Signature Bottle filled with their preferred scent.

Last year Scentsorium was a nominee for Martha Stewart’s American Made Award.

Proceeds from the event benefitted the research to fight breast cancer at the Look Good Feel Better Program and initiatives for the cure of various women’s cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering, a world class facility whose sole focus is on the treatment and prevention of cancer. Phillips' goal is to help people heal by offering guests the opportunity to design their custom ambient scenting to make their worlds Scent-sational!

The best way to experience the fragrance other than wearing it, is by dabbing a drop of it on a feather

Gabriela Dufwa, Sue, Angela Jolin, Nina Junot, and Debbie Dickinson

The goal of Scenterprises is to bring a “scent-sory” experience to all types of customers, ranging from corporate and bridal to everyday consumers who would like to create their own signature scent. The company also services cruise ships, hotels and restaurants.


What looks like soap bars is actually solid cakes of amber, with a most delicate scent.
When Sue asked me if I wanted to design my own fragrance, I went for unmixed amber oil.
Every time I wear it, I am constantly getting compliments.

Editor in Chief of, Ashley Joy Parker trying to decide what fragrance to mix

Antonia Paterno-Castillo, artist and financial advisor

Sue Phillips is a globally-recognized expert in the fragrance & perfume, cosmetics, personal care fields and has always had a love affair with scents. Today, when she encounters a strange yet familiar fragrance, she’s immediately transported back to her homeland in South Africa; the marketplace where most perfumes originate. It is from her vast international experience that Sue wants to share with clients, individuals, and corporations. Sue Phillips began her career at the renowned Elizabeth Arden, and traveled around the country as Director conducting Beauty Training Seminars. She was soon promoted into product development for Color Cosmetics, but fragrance/ fashion marketing beckoned her. Sue entered the world of Chloe, Lagerfeld, Burberrys as Marketing Director and Lancôme, Paris for Fragrance & Men’s Skincare. It was at this prestigious house, she launched Programme Homme, and developed fragrance introduction for Tresor. Soon thereafter Sue was hired as Vice President of Fragrance Marketing for Tiffany & Company and developed the first iconic TIFFANY perfume for the 150th anniversary. Sue has launched product development, branding, and promotional strategies for some of the most popular perfumes and colognes for the world’s leading fragrance brands. She created “Tiffany,” “Tiffany for Men”, “Society” by Burberry, and “Burberry for Men” fragrances. Sue also developed the original three eponymous Trish McEvoy fragrances, also for Diane Von Furstenberg.

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