Saturday, August 31, 2013


reporter: Miguel Dominguez

April 30th was the date when Agostino Antiques, Ltd. had a presentation to discuss the incorporation of antiques in contemporary interior design, taking place in their showroom at the Decoration & Design Building.

Guy Regal of Newel, LLC, and designers Alan Tanksley and Amanda Nisbet were the distinguished panelists, with Stacey Bewkes of Quintessence blog presiding the discussion, who expounded the present trend of eclectically mixing contrasting pieces of all styles and periods, working together to create exciting interiors. And while the word “antiques” may conjure images of historic decor, it’s often that these treasures add the most sparkle to contemporary spaces.

Stacey Bewkes, Guy Regal, Amanda Nisbet, and Alan Tanksley

What better venue for this event to take place—other than John Roselli Antiques—than Agostino Antiques Ltd., a company that not only sells real antiques, but truly beautiful, high quality reprodutions as well.

Stacey Bewkes

Guy, Amanda, and Alan

Stacey with Amanda


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