Saturday, August 31, 2013


ARTIST: Miguel Dominguez

Major Arcana #1 - The Wizard

Major Arcana #3 -  The Empress

Major Arcana #6 - The Lovers
Major Arcana #7 - The Chariot

Cuban born Miguel Dominguez majored in photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

After graduation, he began to work in the field of commercial photography, first assisting well established advertising photographers who specialized in tabletop still life, fashion and beauty, architectural, and location photography. Throughout the latter part of this period, he developed an interest in the art of photomontage, creating a large body of work in the subject of erotic fantasy.

After several years of this type of on the job training, he started out photographing architectural interiors, then publicity events and celebrity coverage.

In 1992, with the advent of digital graphic technology, Miguel decided to change careers and become a photo illustrator and graphic designer. Within one year, he stablished himself as a successful freelance photo manipulator and graphic designer with a very wide publishing and advertising clientele.

Major Arcana #11 - Justice

Major Arcana #13 - Death

Major Arcana #14 - Temperance
Major Arcana #15 - The Devil

Major Arcana #16 - The Tower

Major Arcana #17 - The Star

Major Arcana #21 - The World

Ace of Staves

Ace of Swords
3 of Swords
5 of Cups

9 of Cups

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